There’s a squeezable peanut butter for those who are lazy to wash a spoon

At the beginning of June, Jif announced the launch of its innovative peanut butter called Jif Squeeze Creamy Peanut Butter.

With this, people who love peanut butter will be able to enjoy it in a new squeezable pouch. This is perfect for those who are lazy to wash a spoon or a knife. It will also make it easier for kids to serve themselves a yummy treat, measuring accurate amounts in recipes, or when you need precise spreading for that perfect “ants on a log” snack or pairing with an apple or celery slice.

With this new packaging, the spread will now come in an easy-to-squeeze pouch, making it handy to bring whenever and wherever you need it.

Jif Squeeze Creamy peanut butter will be available online and at retailers nationwide starting in July. However, we’re not sure if it will hit Philippine shores. Anyway, if you want to be notified the moment this squeezable spread is available, visit and sign up for an email notification.

“Jif lovers enjoy their Jif in a variety of ways—in smoothies and snacks, as a key ingredient in cooking and baking, or even eating it ‘straight up’ with a spoon,” said Rebecca Scheidler, Vice President, Marketing for the Jif Brand. “With our new squeezable pouch, we’re making it even easier and quicker for Jif lovers everywhere to get their Jif fix. No more ‘peanut butter knuckles’ when you’re trying to get the last ounce of goodness from the bottom of the peanut butter jar – No knife. No spoon. No problem!”

Jif Squeeze Creamy Peanut Butter will come in a 13oz. pouch.

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