There’s a New Trailer for the Finale of “Teen Wolf”!

Teen Wolf


It’s the end of an era: Teen Wolf is finally ending after six seasons. However, its last season was cut abruptly, without any word when the final 10 episodes will air. Well, it has been announced that the final set of episodes will air starting July 30 and the trailer has been released.

Watch the trailer of Teen Wolf‘s season 6B below:

Teen Wolf is a TV series loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name and follows McCall as he struggles with life after being turned into a werewolf. It has become a critical and fan success, with Rotten Tomatoes saying that “Thanks to a charismatic lead in Tyler Posey and some dark, biting humor, Teen Wolf is a pleasant summer surprise, even if it does tread familiar ground.” The show has also become a social media favorite.

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