There’s A New Taiwan Cast For The “Meteor Garden” Remake And It Looks Good

It’s a new generation, indeed!

Image credit: Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan

It almost seems like it was yesterday when the whole country (and the rest of Asia, for that matter!) was swept off its feet by F4 (short for Flower 4), a Taiwanese boy band whose members were also the stars of the phenomenal Meteor Garden.

Meteor Garden Ken Chu of F4 Ties the Knot, Jerry Yan and Vaness Wu Spotted at the Wedding!

Jerry Yan Official Facebook Page

And now, almost 20 years later, Taiwan is reintroducing its globally famous show to another generation with a 2018 remake of Meteor Garden!

The cast was revealed by Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan, and honestly, they look so good. The new F4 is composed of Connor Leong, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, and Caesar Wu. We don’t know who’s playing who, yet, but it’s seriously worth looking forward to — as well as who’s taking over Barbie Xu’s San Cai!

Back in 2003, as a schoolgirl, I remember getting home from school and turning on the TV like clockwork, as I watched San Cai and the F4 laugh, cry, and wring my heart through it all.

For the young’uns, Meteor Garden is the Taiwanese adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) by Yoko Kamio. If you recognize a K-Drama of the same name starring a certain Lee Min Ho, that’s because it was also adapted from the same material.

But back then, we were crazy over Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu, and Vanness Wu, aka the OG TV F4 boys. The boys were catapulted to worldwide fame and Filipino fans embraced them like crazy with multiple visits to the country and back-to-back sold-out concerts. It was crazy!

Honestly, this remake sounds promising. Here’s hoping the new soundtrack is also just as good as the original.

Thoughts on this? Are you excited to see the new Meteor Garden?

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