There’s A New Smartphone That You Can Wash With Soap And Water, Will Revolutionize Baths!

Imagine how this would revolutionize showers and baths! I can just already imagine the hordes of teenagers planning to Snapchat or go on Facebook while in the shower, soap bubbles and all.

washable smartphone

Photo Credit: AFP

But the truth is, the surface of your smartphone may contain way, way more bacteria than you think, and a Japanese firm claims to hold the solution: they’re releasing the world’s first smartphone that you can wash with soap and water!

Now, waterproof smartphones is not a new concept, but Japanese company KDDI insists that their product is the ONLY phone that can withstand soap! Think of all the bubble baths you’ll see on Snapchat.

This soap-proof phone, called the “Digno rafre”, will be unveiled in stores in Japan next week. A worldwide release has yet to be announced… but is totally expected.

Who wants to have a washable smartphone?? Will YOU use it in the shower too?