There’s a New Singing Competition and it Will Start with the Final Four

The Four Singing Competition


Traditionally, singing contests begin with a large group of singers, with each episode removing one until they find the grand winner. But for The Four, the show will start with the final four. How weird is that?

Watch the teaser below:

In The Four, four singers vetted by auditions with industry experts have to defend their spot from new singers eager to take their place. If the new singers outperform the final four, they get to take their spot and be part of the four singers who have to fight for their place. At the end of the season, the four singers will battle it off and whoever is the best will emerge as the winner.

Another interesting part about the show is that anyone can join and challenge the final four. They just need to submit their audition tape. The judges won’t be the ones voting them in, but the viewers.

There’s no word yet who will be judges.

The show will premiere on Fox in 2018.

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