There’s a New Premium Gelato Brand in the PH… And You Can Buy it in Groceries!

Carte D'Or Gelate Philippines 3

The summer’s best accessory is not a pair of sunglasses or a wide-brimmed straw hat. It’s a cup of gelato, a blend of creamy goodness that can make the heat bearable or make an activity more exciting (like a movie night or a day at the park).

Gelato is the perfect remedy to a hot day – any day, actually – but it’s better than ice cream because it’s more flavorful. Gelato contains less air pockets than ice cream, making it smoother, creamier, and more flavorful.

In the Philippines, you can get gelato at specialty shops, but there are times when you’re just too lazy to go out for a cup. Now, you can experience premium gelato wherever you are, because there’s a new player in town!

It’s called Carte D’Or, and its presence here will mark its Southeast Asian debut. Here’s a fact: it’s truly delicious.

Carte D’Or is one of Europe’s premium gelato brands. Here in the Philippines, it will launch a gelato range made with real Australian cream and only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. There will be four flavors, which includes Salted Caramel, Double Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, and Chocolate Hazelnut.

Everyone, meet your new favorites:

Salted Caramel

Carte D'Or Gelate Philippines 5

Everyone’s favorite flavor got an upgrade with the oozing goodness of real Australian cream. This is mixed with butter, caramelized sugar, and a dash of salt for a decadent flavor that will eclipse all other Salted Caramel treats.


Double Dark Chocolate

Double Dark Chocolate

Why settle for dark chocolate when you can have it double? Carte D’Or’s Double Dark Chocolate gets its chocolate from Belgium, which has a rich 400-year old tradition of making them. Chunks of Belgian chocolate are added to thick chocolate gelato, resulting in a heavenly experience.


Carte D'Or Gelate Philippines 4

The Pistachio gelato’s journey is quite interesting. The pistachios are grown in the sunny parts of South Australia and California, where the long and hot summers yield the best crops. They are then roasted and ground into pure paste to draw out the flavor. Finally, they are added into the thick Australian cream, creating a unique and unforgettable taste.

Chocolate Hazelnut

Carte D'Or Gelate Philippines 2

Carte D’Or sources its hazelnuts from the hills of Turkey, where the best are made. It is added to delicate wafer crisps and a rich chocolate hazelnut gelato base for a luxurious flavor.

Since it will soon be available in groceries, you can now elevate your movie marathons, your midnight cravings, and your after-dinner dessert!

Carte D’Or Gelato will be available in select supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide starting May 23 (P295 for 475mL), but you can get first dibs in coffee shops and upcoming markets from May to June.

In coffee shops, you can get one free scoop of Carte D’Or for every purchase of a beverage in Tenant Manila, YDG Coffee (in Makati and Mandaluyong), Coffee Empire, and Shutter Cafe!

Carte D’Or will also be available at the Spectrum Fair on May 20 and 21 at Whitespace Manila, the Satchmi Vinyl Day on June 3 at Green Sun, and at The Gourmand Market on July 28 and 29 at Bonifacio High Street. Each cup will be available for P100.

Here’s to a delicious and premium treat you can have at home!