There’s a New Docu Series Attempting to Solve the Mystery Behind Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper Show


One of the most compelling mysteries in history is the identity of Jack the Ripper, a serial killer who killed at least five sex workers in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888. The number may be paltry compared to many other serial killers, but what makes this case interesting is that suspect has never been found.

Many theories have swirled around the identity of the killer (with over a hundred suspects, including a physician to Queen Victoria) and a new one is being explored in American Ripper, an eight-part documentary series on History. In the series, Jeff Mudgett investigates if his great great grandfather, America’s first serial killer H.H. Holmes (or Herman Mudgett) is the Whitechapel murderer.

Watch the trailer to American Ripper below:

According to the younger Holmes’s theory, his great great grandfather was able to elude execution and went to Whitechapel, where he would go on to make a name for himself in history.

The most intriguing part about American Ripper is that Holmes teamed up with a CIA criminologist and they’re digging up his great great grandfather’s corpse to run DNA tests.

American Ripper will premiere on July 11.

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