There’s a Mysterious (and Hunky) Guy on YouTube and Here’s How People Found Him

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Not everyone is lucky to meet and be friends with a hot and hunky man. But when they do, it can be an exhilarating and kilig-worthy experience. Just imagine the opportunities when you can rest your head on his beefy arms!

There’s a new guy that’s making hearts swoon online, but the thing is… he’s mysterious. It’s hard to catch a glimpse of him and no one really knows how to search for him, but some people say that they have found him after typing relevant keywords on YouTube.

Check out how people found him online:

Because they saw the mysterious hunk, the people were inspired to push through with what they were searching for online. Mikko was looking for recipes online and Sara was looking for travel tips to Korea, and they were inspired to cook healthy and make the most out of their trip to Seoul! Because of how so many people have found him, a lot of people are now trying to find the guy, hoping to catch a glimpse of him online.

RCBC Bankard

The guy is part of RCBC’s new ad that appears when you type specific keywords on YouTube, such as travel, music, tech, fitness, food, and sports. RCBC is the first bank in the Philippines to use this technology, also known as the vogon ad, which makes use of Youtube as a search engine in looking for the latest trends and updates. If you’re thinking of looking for him on YouTube, we advise you to use keywords related to travel, music, gadgets, workouts, cars, recipes, sports, and DIY projects.

And if he convinced you to try RCBC’s Bankard, you can head on over to the website or visit any RCBC branch to apply for one!

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