There’s a Job Opening at NASA and It Offers Up to $187,000 a Year

Have you ever dreamed of working for NASA? In case you haven’t heard yet, they are looking for a new planetary protection officer right now – and get this: according to the the, the position pays between $124,406 and $187,000 a year!

So, what does a ‘planetary protection officer’ actually do? They guard our planet from “organic-constituent and biological contamination in human and robotic space exploration.” This means that the officer would have to make sure that we don’t contaminate space and that other organisms don’t contaminate our planet, either, to ensure that worlds maintain their natural states. Basically: IT’S EVERY X-FILES FAN’S DREAM JOB!!!


Naturally, there is a set requirements that you will need to fulfil if you wish to take on this job, such as ‘broad engineering expertise’, ‘a willingness to travel’, ‘advanced knowledge of planetary protection’, and a degree in physical science, mathematics or engineering. You may see the full post here.

Applications will be accepted until August 14, 2017. What are you waiting for? I’m getting my CV ready… kidding. I wish.