There’s a “Friends” version of Cards Against Humanity, oh my GOD

Could we BE any more hyped?

Watch out, Friends fans! Aside from Netflix, one of the most iconic sitcoms in the world of entertainment is also coming to the “party game for horrible people.” This is one combo we didn’t quite think of but we’re very glad exists now!

While not an official extension of Cards Against Humanity, they’re pretty spot-on replicas and are the same size, too! So, technically speaking, you could play these cards with your normal deck! Mix and match with your moo points, pivots, and ugly naked guys!

What a time to be alive! I can’t wait to answer “MISS Chanandler Bong” to everything.

You can print out the Cards Against Humanity parody over here on Etsy!

How you doin’? What do you think about these cards? Will you get them, too? Let us know!

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