There’s a Board Game Where You Play a Monster Out to Kill Teenagers

Monster Slaughter

In horror movies, we usually root for the people instead of the villains. But in the board game Monster Slaughter, you play a monster out to kill a group of teenagers in a log cabin. Sounds exciting, right?

Monster Slaughter 2

To start the game, the players must choose the family of monster they would like to operate: zombies, werewolves, vampires or golems. Each player must then choose the human’s method of death (they get extra points if they achieve it). To play, players must roll a die divided between failure and success. They then must search for their targets, use humans to defend themselves, and pick up traps, explosions, and handy weapons.

After each round, a moon token signaling that the night has passed. The player with the most points win.

Monster Slaughter will raise funds via Kickstarter this October. If you want to get this, make sure to support!

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