There’s A 24-Hour Bookstore For Book Nerds

The world just keeps getting better and better.

We’ve heard of book cafés and what not — but 24-HOUR bookstores? That’s just the icing off the cake.

A bookstore in Taiwan did exactly just that , with the Eslite Bookstore! Eslite reportedly has 48 branches throughout Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Their flagship store in Taipei is the first to open their doors 24 hours, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the other branches followed suit!

24-hour bookstore

After all, it’s this all-day-long bookstore that is giving nightclubs a run for their money, and has risen to become one of Taiwan’s popular night spots! According to reports, Eslites busiest hours are between 10pm-2am, as they allow readers to read at the store as long as they want even without buying.

The store also has other cool sections such as teashops, clothing stores (!!!!), restaurants, wine cellar, cafes, and is even an art hub with music and film screenings.

Who else wants this concept in Manila?? Tag a friend who would be interested in this!