There Is An Ideal Age Difference For Couples, Apparently

While there goes the saying that age is just a number when it comes to love, it seems that researchers from the Emory University in Atlanta would suggest otherwise.
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According to their study, there is an ideal difference that would increase your chances of a long-lasting relationship.
Studying 3,000 people, the study found that the greater the age gap between a couple, the greater the chance of breaking up.
Couples with a five-year gap, for example, are 18 percent more likely to break up compared to a couple of the same age, while the figure rose to 39 percent for those with a 10-year gap. A couple with a  20-year age gap, on the other hand, registered a 95 percent risk of breaking up.
The most ideal age difference? A one-year gap apparently works the best, with couples only 3 percent likely to break up.
Still, these figures may only be coincidental, as other factors may also come into play in terms of longevity, such as children, behavior, and compatibility.
So don’t fret if you’re in a relationship with a huge age difference, or know someone who is — there are other factors to consider.

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