Then & Now Massive Music Festival: Confessions of A Musicaholic

V-FACTORY! TQ! PM DAWN! DIANA KING! FRANKIE J.! BABY BASH! JOJO! ALL 4 ONE! SWV!……all in one massive concert!!!

Whooooooooo!!!! No words can describe how I feel after this concert!!! Super awesome!! πŸ™‚ OK.. calm down, Cheryl. Time to blog!

After a night of partying with Ed and the rest of the gang, I was only able to get a few hours of rest. Fil, Philippe, Oninz, and I had silver tickets to the “Then and Now” concert and we were all super excited!! When I woke up, however, I checked my phone to find a text from my brother Vince. Apparently, he was given so many tickets for the concert that he no longer had enough time to give them away through his contests. He raffled out some, but there was still too many left! Β So……. he decided to give me 4 VIP TICKETS!!!! Woooooaaaahhh!!

VIP?!?! My FIRST concert EVER and I get to be in the VIP stands!!! I kept screaming and dancing out of excitement!!

First act:Β V-factory

V-factory is a new boyband, who’s famous for their song Love Struck. One of them was in the movie ‘Fame’, while another was in ‘High School Musical’, and another in ‘Glee’. The Gleek was unable to join tonight’s concert because they had to tape the next episode.

The audio was messed up during their first performance. Their voices were way louder than the music and there was too much feedback. It got better, though.

They sang a slow song, which Philippe and I really liked. I thought two of the guys were cute, too! Hahaha oh, and one of them spotted me taking his pic and waved to the camera! Hahaha. YAY!

Second Act: TQ

Woot Woot! After boyband madness, it was time to go hip hop! Haha. I don’t really know a lot of TQ’s songs. I actually only know one: ‘Westside’.

I still enjoyed his performance, though! He was really funny and really hype! It got my energy rising!

Moreover, he was hot! He took of his shirt after a song or two, and the girls (including myself) starting screaming like crazy! Haha.

Before ending his segment, he sang his famous song, ‘Westside’!!! Wooooo!!! He went to the audience area while singing it and I got to touch him! Hahaha. Really good!! Loved how he sang it!!!! Hangover to the max!!

Third Act: PM Dawn

Okay, I gotta be honest: I don’t really know this band too well. Though I’m sure I have several of their songs on my playlist. One of the songs I know is entitled ‘Set Adrift on Memory Bliss’. It’s sorta like a remix of Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’.

There was only one guy on stage that night, so I thought PM Dawn was a solo act. But then I was wondering… “Why are the singing parts really bad? It’s like he’s just a rapper?”….he then later told the audience that his brother, Prince Be, who is also part of PM Dawn, is critically ill. May he get well soon. Poor guy. You could see his effort in tryimg to sing his brother’s part even if he was the rapper in the group. God Bless you, PM Dawn! By the way, he passed by the center aisle and noticed me pointing my camera at him, so he stopped and posed and only moved when I gave him the thumbs up! Hahaha. Cool! What a nice guy! Too bad the picture was blurry!

4th Act: Diana King

“Say a little prayer for you… I wanna say a little prayer for you!” Intense vocals! Wow!!! Diana King came out onto the stage full of energy. Unfortunately, the audio messed up again and she couldn’t be heard! That messed up the entrance.

Diana King only sang songs we were familiar with. She’d actually play a short intro of the song before continuing, trying to see how the audience would react.

Of course, she sang her famous songs ‘Say a Little Prayer’, ‘Shy Guy’, and ‘LIES’. I loved her facial expressions when she sang ‘Lies’! Haha. Super, super love. πŸ™‚

5th Act: Frankie J.

I remember when I first saw Frankie J.’s picture… I was surprised to see that he actually wasn’t black!!! He’s Mexican-American, to be exact.

I love love love Frankie J!! I love so many of his songs and I loved his performance tonight!!! WOW!! πŸ™‚ Really handsome and suave!!! πŸ™‚ Now, he’s someone I’d say has overflowing sex appeal!!

He sang a lot of his famous songs such as ‘How Do I Deal’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Try’. He actually played ‘How Do I Deal’ on the keyboard, too. Amazing! πŸ™‚ As he was singing his last song, ‘Obsession’, Baby Bash came out to sing it with him, as well.

6th Act: Baby Bash

Okay. I didn’t know a lot of his songs, but I did now ‘Cyclone’! I loved how he sang it!! He also had backup “rappers”: the Stewey brothers! Hahahaha. They were really funny! One even tripped on the spotlight and decided to ride it. Hahaha.

For his last song, Frankie J. came out again and they both sang ‘Suga Suga’ together! πŸ™‚ “Suga, suga how’d you get so fly?”

7th Act: Jojo

Jojo took a while to come out; and when she finally did… guess what? The audio messed up again! Her voice could hardly be heard!!

Luckily, after two songs, the audio was back on track. One of my favorite songs of her is ‘How to Touch a Girl’ and of course, she sang it πŸ™‚ Jojo is hot!!!

Jojo sang around 5 – 6 songs tonight and the audience shouted for an encore! She came back and did one more song!


8th act: All 4 One

I gotta say it: this was one of my favorites, especially since I knew almost all their songs! Memorized, even! Hahaha. They sang ‘I Can Love You Like That’ and ‘Beautiful As You’.

They also sang their famous acapella ‘So Much in Love’! WOW! They’re really one of the best groups when it comes to acapella! Last but not least, they sang their very famous ‘I Swear’! With matching sign language! Hehe.

I love how they joked that the song was for those who “got married to the song” and “had children BECAUSE of the song”. Hahaha! Funny guys! I think they sang around seven songs? Nice! I kept shouting and was really full of energy for them!

9th act: S.W.V. (SWV = Sistas with Voices)

Last but not least was SWV!!! I only knew two of their songs, but still. Their vocals? Wow!!! In the words of Philippe, “They’re old school, but they’re still good”. Wow.

Just before they finished their set, they asked the audience what we wanted them to sing. And in unison, everyone screamed ‘WEAK’. They then continued saying, “Manila, we dedicate this song to you!” and started singing!!! Wow wow wow!!!!

And…. that was it!! I’m really speechless and in awe!!! Two days have already passed and I still can’t get over how good they all were!!!

This was my first concert EVER…and I was completely satisfied. πŸ™‚ I’m so lucky to be one of those to have witnessed history in the making!

Next time, When In Manila, check out awesome concerts like this one: “Then & Now” Massive Manila Music Festival put together by Devan Media! Thanks so much to Renzie for putting together this awesome concert and hooking up with all access media passes and lots of tickets to give away to our followers. We all enjoyed this more than you can imagine!

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