The World’s Rarest And Most Ancient Dog Breed Was Rediscovered To Be Alive!

The world’s rarest and most ancient dog breed, formerly thought to be extinct, was reportedly rediscovered to be alive and abundant!

new guinea wild highland dog

For decades, scientists thought that the New Guinea highland wild dog, the breed inhabiting in the central mountains of New Guinea, was extinct. Yet new research shows evidence that the breed is far from having died off!

Researchers took over 100 photographs of about 15 dogs in the central mountain spine, and gathered biological samples for DNA analysis, which proved that the creatures were indeed the New Guinea highland dogs.

According to the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation:

“The discovery and confirmation of the highland wild dog for the first time in over half a century is not only exciting, but an incredible opportunity for science. The 2016 Expedition was able to locate, observe, gather documentation and biological samples, and confirm through DNA testing that at least some specimens still exist and thrive in the highlands of New Guinea.”

There’s another breed to add to our list!

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