Stuck at home? The Urban Bowl brings flavors from around the world to you

With the hospitality and food industry taking a hit from the pandemic, a lot of small food businesses had to close down their physical stores and segue to an online arrangement. But that also awakened the inner “foodtrepreneur” in people. And it went two ways: some followed a trend (like the sushi bake movement), while others came up with their own original idea. One of them is Urban Bowl.

Photo from The Urban Bowl

Chicken Teriyaki (Photo from The Urban Bowl)

How it all Began

The Urban Bowl is a premium restaurant run by power couple BJ and Beth Salustiano. BJ was a tourism graduate turned filmmaker who eventually became an animal breeder. However, his love and passion for food have always been there from the start. That’s why after many years of figuring out what he wanted to do, he shifted his focus on a food business.

BJ has a lot of experience in the kitchen of hotels and restaurants, but the things he learned from his adventures overseas was what inspired him to create The Urban Bowl. During his travels, he made sure to try authentic dishes and he also made sure to meet the chef, so he could ask for a quick masterclass. That’s why The Urban Bowl’s dishes taste like the real deal.

Photo from The Urban Bowl

Thai Chicken Satay (Photo from The Urban Bowl)

The other half of The Urban Bowl is Beth, a power mom of three children. She’s the one who manages and supports the business. While not as quite a story as colorful as BJ’s, she does play a major part of the team!

Although Urban Bowl has only been around barely 5 months, they’ve already gotten a lot of praise from influencers such as DJ Big Boy Cheng, Mary Bautista (AKA the tech girl with over a million subscribers), YouTuber Carlo Ople, and more.

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The Urban Bowl’s Menu

Currently, The Urban Bowl offers authentic style dishes from the countries the couple has visited, such as Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam. Each one is priced at around PHP 450 and can feed 2-3 people. So if you are craving for something that isn’t sushi bake or ube pandesal, The Urban Bowl is definitely worth looking into.

For orders, inquiries, or to see what The Urban Bowl has in store, you can visit its Instagram account. This shop plans on releasing more dishes from Asia, and we believe Japan is next on their list. We simply can’t wait!

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