The UP Medical Students’ Society Will Premier Its First Virtual Clinicopathologic Conference This March

To promote critical thinking in clinical decision-making, the UP Medical Students’ Society (UP MSS) will again be holding the annual Interscholastic Clinicopathologic Conference (ICPC), a panel discussion and clinical case competition, on Saturday, March 20, from 9am-5pm. On its 48th year, the event is being held virtually for the first time since its conception, to be streamed via Facebook live on the official ICPC page.

ICPC 48 Poster

The two-part event will consist of a morning panel discussion from 9-11am and an afternoon premier of the clinical case competition from 1-5pm. The event is free and open to the public.


The morning panel will feature prominent speakers such as:

  • Dr. Nina Gloriani, head of the DOST Vaccine Expert Development Panel
  • Dr. Jonas Del Rosario, the official PGH spokesperson and;
  • Dr. Arthur Dessi Roman, an infectious disease specialist from the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine.

The panel discussion will focus on the future directions in terms of COVID-19 management and prevention strategies. The online audience can engage with the panelists themselves with their questions via Facebook livestream.


The afternoon highlight will be the premier of the clinical case competition and awarding of the winning schools for the event. A clinicopathologic conference is a contest wherein different teams are given the same patient case but with the true diagnosis withheld. The teams are judged on how well they can use clinical data to support their diagnosis. Like a case closed at the end of a thriller movie, the true diagnosis is then revealed at the end of the event by a faculty member of the UP-PGH Department of Pathology.


The event title “Convalescence,” means a period of recovery after illness. With this theme, ICPC 48 hopes to promote critical thinking in handling disease, in order to bring each patient into this convalescent period and eventually, back as a functioning member of our society.


See you on March 20 as we get on the #RoadtoRecovery!

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