The UP Kubeta Guide: 10 Best Restrooms in UP Diliman To Go Do Number 2

Written by Claudine Regino (@claudregino)

The bathroom is one of the best places to be on earth.  It can be the perfect concert venue for your true diva self, your favorite isolation spot for deep contemplation, and, most importantly, your go-to place for daily toilet deposits. However, doing number two will always be a challenge whenever using public restrooms…especially in school. So at times when you have to let it go, you gotta know just where to go!

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We’ve roamed around UP Diliman to find out where it is best to answer the call of nature. We made sure all entries in this list have a trash bin per cubicle, working flushes, hand soap, mirror, and secure locks. So don’t worry iskos and iskas, we gotchu!

Here are the 10 Best Restrooms in UP Diliman:

10. CHE Gusali 2

CHE Gusali 2 CR UPD

The best thing about this CR is that it has many cubicles and it’s somehow remote. Unless it’s break time, you don’t have to worry about taking too long while doing your thing.

Note: The design is quite old-fashioned, but the cubicles are clean and well-maintained. There are no bidets though, so bring tissue!

9. Institute of Biology


The Bio restroom looks similar to the ones in the AS Pavilions, only with less people.  It has an exhaust fan and the windows are quite huge so you’re safe if you choose to release your load here.

Note: This CR is brownout-friendly since it has emergency lights. Still no bidets though.

8. School of Statistics


Comfort rooms in Stat look like the ones you see in malls. They are new, spacious, and very clean as well!

7. National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB)


People who love to wash their hands will like this restroom because it has hand soap and a working hand dryer. It’s also one of the best smelling CRs in UPD.

6. College of Music

Music CR UPD

This place will give you the ultimate CR experience. Aside from having a lounge inside the restroom, you also get to hear students play their instruments from the outside. O diba, may pa-background music pa!  

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