The United Arab Emirates Tops the List of Fastest Mobile Internet in the World

Since everyone is staying at home working or studying, internet speeds have always been a hot topic.

The Philippines ranked at #110 with an average of 18.49mbps for download, 5.29mbps for upload, and 35ms latency. The #1 country with the fastest mobile internet in the United Arab Emirates with 170.30mbps followed by South Korea with 166.70mbps and Qatar with 159.66mbps.

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If internet speeds are measured by fixed broadband, Singapore tops the list of fastest fixed broadband internet speed with 241.10mbps followed by Hong Kong with 222.92mbps, and Thailand with 213.14mbps.

The monthly list by Ookla is speed tests measured by country. The global average for mobile internet stands at 45.69Mbps for download, 12.60Mbps for upload, and with 36ms latency.