The Ultimate Toilet Guide for Ateneo de Manila University

Article by Paolo Quebral

Still don’t know where to rush when you feel that familiar struggle in your stomach? Are you still searching for that perfect toilet where you’ll finally be able to release in peace?

It doesn’t matter if you did not have time to do your thing at home; when mother nature calls, you definitely have to answer. However, you wouldn’t want to fulfill the call of duty somewhere you don’t feel comfortable in, right? Worry not, as we rated five well-known comfort rooms in the Loyola Schools campus that you can visit when the need arises!

Ateneo Toilet Guide

Leong Hall (Rating: 3/5)

Home to the Social Sciences department and the Leong Hall Auditorium, wherein some large seminars or talks are held, it isn’t surprising that this building has clean and neat comfort rooms. Aside from the bidets, which are considered blessings from up above, this place will give you peace and quiet while you do number 2 as only a few students visit and stay in this area.

MVP building (Rating: 2/5)

Known as the headquarters for numerous student organizations in school, this place is really convenient to fire away. Though sometimes the place gets untidy and crowded, the comfort rooms here have bidets and the basement floor even has a shower!

Faura Hall (Rating: 3/5)

Located at the heart of the campus and right across the MVP building, their comfort rooms provide you with tranquility as you release the kraken. Don’t be daunted by the old looks of the building and its comfort rooms as the experience will definitely make up for it!

SEC B & C (Rating: 2/5)

SEC, or the Science Education Complex, houses the biology and chemistry laboratories in campus. While the comfort rooms aren’t always squeaky clean, the place is perfect for isolation, especially on the second and third floors!

Faber Hall (Rating: 5/5)

Finally, the promised land for all your toilet needs: Faber Hall. The Rizal Mini Theatre can be found here, along with different offices, which is why the comfort rooms are kept clean and aromatic. It assures peace and quiet, bidets, tissues, and the best thing about it, the air conditioner. Dito na talaga.

Which one is your favorite go-to toilet in Ateneo?



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