The Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Kind of Friend We All Have

Christmas being a few days away, I’m sure you’re going all crazy looking for what to gift your friends and loved ones. Don’t worry as we got your back. We just found the perfect store that has everything you will want to give your every kind of friend—SM Stationery!

Check out this list we got ready for you!


5. For your traveler friend

Whether you wanna keep her entertained while waiting for her flight, make sure she gets rested during her flight, or see to it that she’s got her stuff organized in one place, there are just tons of cute travel stuff you can get your globetrotting friend.


4. For your cat-lover friend

We all have that one friend who is so obsessed with cat that all her stuff has a cat on it. These cute cat items would definitely make her happy.


3. For your artsy friend

She hoards pens, notebooks, papers and tapes. Nothing better than giving her a few more, right? Plus some guide on journaling from the expert herself.


2. For your super organized friend

She likes keeping a list of everything, making plans for the whole group, and staying organized. Writing down stuff keeps her sane and makes her feel in control of her life. Start her year right with these essentials.


1. For all your friends

Big or small, cute or quirky—it is still the thought that counts!


Drop by your favorite SM branch and head to SM Stationery at The SM Store to find more of these cute stuff! Check them out on Instagram, too!

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