The True Wetsuit: Literally A True Wet Suit

Do ever feel like going surfing in the middle of a hot summer work day? Do you ever just want to drive out and go straight to the beach after a good long day in the office?

Well, Quicksilver Japan has contemplated on those scenarios hence their newest product: The True Wetsuit. 


Yes, they just created a wetsuit that’s a legitimate wet suit. Watch it in action here:

The suit is said to be fully functional, something you could actually wear to work. It is also made out of neoprene, a quick dry material. It comes in three styles and costs as much as 300,000 yen.


Quicksilver explains how the suits were made in this short video here:

You’ll surely be the most fashionable surfer on the beach with this whole ensemble!

true-wetsuit-7 true-wetsuit-6 true-wetsuit-8 true-wetsuit-1

Except, is ‘most fashionable’ really what you’d want to be on the beach? What do you think?


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