The Tropa Just Got Bigger as TNT Launched New Ambassadors

There are different personalities in a barkada or tropa, and TNT introduces April, Brent, Kelly, Ian, and Renzo who represents the classic Pinoy barkada that has different personalities yet perfectly complements each other.

The Tropa just got Bigger as TNT Launches New Ambassadors

“With the country’s largest tropa of over 30 million subscribers, TNT is poised to grow even bigger with a refreshed brand that appeals and relates to the youth, the largest chunk of our population today,” said Smart Wireless Consumer Operations Head Kat Luna-Abelarde.

“TNT specifically wants to cater to the needs of the Pinoy Generation Z, an age group that identifies with their own tropa that share their aspirations, give them inspiration and just help them get through the day. With TNT’s most affordable offers and exciting treats, they can easily stay connected with their tropa and enjoy more fun-filled moments with each other.”

The brand’s message is “It’s a Tropa Thing” which anchors on a song written and performed by the other members of the Tropa Thyro, Yumi and Quest.

The Tropa just got Bigger as TNT Launches New Ambassadors

“You know how every tropa speaks its own language, sports its own character and has its own standing jokes? – It’s a Tropa Thing! TNT embodies all these things that make the tropa click, embracing its role as the glue that binds every tropa together,” said Miriam Choa, TNT Brand Head.

“TNT made a huge impact as a People’s brand that put the many benefits of mobile communication within reach by many Filipinos. The new TNT stays in the same course, this time in the context of providing affordable happy connections for every tropa.”

TNT is now coming up with new offers that are perfect for your tropa. Offers that will allow you to bond and celebrate friendship through calls, texts, and internet communication at very affordable prices.

The Tropa just got Bigger as TNT Launches New Ambassadors

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