The Transformation of Amber Davis

The Transformation of Amber Davis
by JC Ansis

Most of the tunes we hear on the radio and see on the music channels these days are geared towards the clubbing scene. A lot of people have fallen in love with the dance sound – a combination of fast melodies and heavy beats. Kids enjoy listening to this type of music, songs that you would normally hear from most foreign artists like the Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Lady Gaga and others.


But When In Manila, look no further as the sexy and multi-awarded Fil-Am singer Amber Davis is redefining her music from the R&B stuff she’s been known for into a more hip sound that’s heavy on the electronic dance vibe.


Already an established artist in the music industry, Amber signed with Audioclef Inc. with the focus of reaching out not only to local audiences, but to international as well, by creating more upbeat tracks that follow current musical trends. The eye-catching musician is excited and ecstatic with the direction of her upcoming album, saying it’ll be “a little more electro, a little more dance-y and a lot more futuristic” than her previous works. In this next project, she again decided to collaborate with producer Marcus Davis, Jr., who was responsible for her highly-successful hit Ain’t A Crime.

I was lucky enough to sample Amber’s new single, Light Years, even before it was released. And I must say, all throughout the song you can definitely sense the musical evolution she was talking about. This is what the intro felt like: imagine floating off the ground and reaching the skies, then suddenly getting reeled back down with Amber’s charming voice. Her captivating lyrics and the club-like feel of the song are well-meshed. The rhythmic beats were tumbling in my head like clothes in a dryer; the song’s pulse had me bopping in my seat. The track takes you up and down, literally. Though the song is a far cry from Amber’s previous hits Manila and Back Into You, Light Years will no doubt be a chart-topper as well.

No definite date has been set for the release of her fourth album, but Audioclef Inc. is targeting sometime in June. At this time, Amber is shooting the music video for Light Years, so that’s something to watch out for.


In competition with today’s foreign acts, it’s tough for local artists to keep up with the latest musical trends that can charm today’s listeners. OPM artists are always looking for innovative ways to keep the music scene alive with original songs – at the same time create tunes that will capture the ears of the local audience. And Amber is doing just that. With her musical transformation, we can certainly look forward to more of Amber’s unique and fresh sound in her upcoming album. The first line from her new single Light Years says it all: the only thing constant is change.



You can download Amber’s new single Light Years from iTunes here.


Visit Amber’s Facebook fan page for more info. Also, check out Amber Webisodes on her YouTube Channel.


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