The Third Annual “Man of the World” is happening this July

reigning motw

THIRD ANNUAL MAN OF THE WORLD is now officially starting in the Philippines with the arrival of official candidates from participating countries. They will travel around Metro Manila for official activities in the next few days. By July 5, candidates will be flown to Zamboanga del Norte’s capital city for Beach wear and formal wear competitions. They will also visit the best places in Dipolog City

Man of the World started in 2017 with 28 candidates promoting education as the pageant cause, Tifa Elizale won the very first male pageant crown for Egypt and dedicated his year long reign in promoting education and tourism. At present, he is mainstay judge in a reality TV show. Cao Xuan Tai of Vietnam won the 2nd Annual Man of the World in a glittering world final in San Juan City. He is now a fitness celebrity in Vietnam. He just visited India last month to promote Man of the World brand and crowned India’s 2nd Man of the World national winner in the city of Hyderabad.

This year’s pageant theme is “Education thru Heritage”. Candidates will travel to Zamboanga archipelago with Dipolog City as the main host city. Candidates will also visit heritage sites and education institutions in City of Manila, San Juan City, Quezon City, Makati City and Mandaluyong City as part of the pageant’s official activities. The good thing about with Man of the World, is they travel to different places around the country to meet the local and promote the pageant cause thru the campaign slogan “Masculinity With Responsibility.

While the pageant still will look for the most handsome and charming man, MAN OF THE WORLD shall also look further—their heart for the advocacy. Winner of MAN OF THE WORLD will embark on a great adventure filled with prestige, glamour, fun, and most especially hard work that pays off because his year shall be invested in promoting “Education”.

MOTW also added some entertaining twist on its production by Olympic style awarding of medals in preliminary events. The playing of winner’s national anthem and waiving of their flag during the awarding ceremony added excitement, honor and pride.

In just two editions, pageant pundits, elevated Man of the World as the newest major Male pageant. In terms of entertainment value, quality of candidates, numbers of national pageants, local fanbase, and very strong advocacy. Watch the World finals to be held in Flying V Arena on July 11, 2019 in San Juan City. Man of the World is produced by Prime Events Production Foundation Inc – PEPPs and Profiles Entertainment Productions Inc- PEP. is the official online media partner of 3rd Annual Man of the World.