The surprising benefits of having two smartphones!

Remember the time when your phone’s battery died? How was the feeling? Did you feel extreme anxiety and stress? Did the fear of missing out (FOMO) strike?

No matter what your job is, it is likely that you depend on your phone. Not a long time, I found out how important it is to have at least two smartphones.

I used to have only one phone before, however, with work overwhelming me on that phone, sometimes it felt toxic to look at that phone. So, I wanted to make “using the phone” fun again so I got another phone dedicated entirely for personal use. In this phone, I talk to friends and family – everything non-work-related. Without thinking much, I gradually felt happier – it felt that work-life balance started to emerge.

While doing this, people around me got curious why I used two smartphones and if it was really beneficial. I pointed out the benefits I started enjoying with my two phones, and initially, I did not think that doing this was solving some underlying problems. Yet, it did.

The worry of your battery dying

Most of us are dependent on our smartphones. With our super busy schedules, we cannot afford to lose access on our phones. Yet, sometimes, we even find it tedious or virtually impossible to charge our phones. When our phone’s battery dies, we become unproductive. With this issue, should we really just have one phone?

The answer is no. At this time and age, it is more practical and convenient to have two smartphones.

Apparently, having two phones now is a major life saver!

Fear of missing out (FOMO)

With a single phone, the worry of your battery dying is almost always at 100%. Now, with two phones, that worry drastically drops to 0%.

Since you always have access on your phone, there is no more FOMO! You always stay connected, which is extremely important in this time of hectic schedules and remote distances.

It is a big relief to have at least two smartphones.

Work-life balance

By having two smartphones, you can separate work and personal life. One phone can be dedicated to your job, and then, the other is to maintain your relationships with family and friends.

One phone can be solely for advancing your career and the other is just for having fun with the closest people in your life.

When work ends, you can simply refrain from looking at your work phone and enjoy connecting with your family and friends using your personal phone. Still, if something important about work comes up, the work phone can always be close at hand.

The cost of having two phones

You may agree that having two phones is beneficial, however, it might not be within your budget.

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Imagine if you can enjoy these big benefits of having two phones, life will be a lot better, right? So, what are you waiting for? Hurry! Head to the nearest Alcatel store or any multi-brand store to enjoy a huge discount on smartphones! 

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