The Stock Market Cafe: Triple the fun and excitement of eating at BGC High Street


When In Manila and you’re in for a real healthy and fresh gourmet finds then The Stock Market Cafe at the BGC High Street is definitely the place to be. With the Bistro Group Philippines celebrating their 50th anniversary in the business they have a promo that will really put a smile in your face.




The facade of The Stock Market at the BGC High Street.



A little bit of information, have you ever asked yourself why is it called “The Stock Market” and what is the relevance of the “Pineapple”? Guess no more! It is because The Stock Market is owned by Del Monte Philippines and stacks of products of the company can be bought in the restaurant in the past years which also explains the presence of pineapple in the logo. 


The Stock Market’s Pacific Cove Salad  (Bottom Left) and Triple Decker Sandwich (Bottom Right).



The Stock Market is located in the heart of BGC High Street and  just like what their menu says they offer foods that are “Delightfully Fresh“. The interior of the restaurant is just class! It’s neat and has a warm environment perfect for an intimate dinner with your special someone and even a small gathering with friends or even co-workers. They even have small rooms that are available for small groups.




A look at the exterior of The Stock Market. I also love the songs played in the resto! 




After appreciating the place we were directed to our comfy place and picked our choice of their Specialty Drinks. We had the Tropical Spritzer, Malunggay Citrus and Celery & Pineapple Crusher, all not exceeding the P175 price. You can say that they really used fresh fruits for their specialty drinks.  



[From Left to Right] Celery & Pineapple Crusher, Tropical Spritzer and Malunggay Citrus.



When my friend, Jan, ordered the  Malunggay Citrus (P165) I asked him to change it because he might not like it. But when I sipped a little of the drink, I was completely shocked.You’ll never know that malunggay is used to make the drink, although it’s green. It’s really good and healthy! Koji ordered Celery & Pineapple Crusher (P120), which is also good! Although, I find the use of celery overpowering the Pineapple. Since pineapple is one of my favorite fruit I ordered Tropical Spritzer (P120), and I loved it! The drinks are truly refreshing and good!




First on our list their house specialty salad, the feast of greens, fruits and seafood’s a perfect way to start your meal! No kidding but Bistro restaurant’s have the best salads! My favorite is from their other restaurant, Italianni’s. And Pacific Cove Salad  of The Stock Market will be a close contender on that list. 




 Just look at that mangoes and shrimps and the greens! Heaven for salad lovers like me and my friends!



The succulent shrimp is really fresh, one good check for that one! The presence of ripe mangoes and fresh avocado brings a nice twist for the salad. And of course, the always present cucumbers, a bed of crisp romaines and lettuce and bright red tomatoes. All of these with topped with a special house dressing. And when you think I’m done, of course not! It’s priced for a reasonable P495 only.


And then the main star of the night, the Triple Deck Sandwich, one of the gourmet sandwiches offered at The Stock Market. I just want you to look at the photos, because I couldn’t find a word how to describe it or maybe, PERFECT!




 The Best Gourmet Sandwich I have ever tried! The Stock Market’s Triple Decker Sandwich.



In between the perfectly sliced bread is a wonderful slices of beef pastrami and generous amounts of roast herbed chicken and of course bacon. There is also egg salad and crisp mesclun. From that many ingredients I love the presence of the beef pastrami and egg salad. And I kid you not when I say that I can eat one serving by myself. It’s very delish! For those who’s on a diet, then if you decide to have a cheat day you should definitely have Triple Deck Sandwich (P395).



Perfect Gourmet Sandwich and the BEST in that category!




 I am a sucker for good desserts! So I was a happy kiddo when they said they’ll be serving two desserts for the us. First on the table is the La Sorbonne. The delightful duo of bananas and mango and non-fat ice cream with generous drizzles of Hershey’s chocolate syrup is heaven!




Look at that beauty! The Stock Market’s La Sorbonne is lovely!



This dessert didn’t even last a full 20-minute on our table, our spoons are all fighting to get in this sweet platter. The banana and mango complements each other and the ice cream is just perfect, it’s not too sweet. All of these you can try with just paying P275. 

And then, I asked where’s the pineapple? I should not have asked. Because the kind waiter came out of the kitchen with a pan of crème anglaise, according to the reliable Wikipedia it is a light pouring custard used as a dessert cream or sauce. In the pan also is a scoop of the perfect non-fat ice cream and almonds.  And of course the presence of pineapple, banana and orange glazed in rum and butter.




The Stock Market’s Flaming Fruity is one perfect dessert. Props to The Stock Market!



Of course I asked why Flaming Fruity. Liz said the name is from the neutralize the alcohol in rum by the presence of flame. So I asked them to do it in front of us, because they do it inside the kitchen, so when it goes out the flame is gone already.




They pour in the rum and set a fire using a lighter.


And then the flame will neutralize the presence of alcohol in rum.


Flaming Fruity Perfection!



 And The Stock Market has a surprise for you every FRIDAY of the whole month of October! They will markdown the price of the “Triple Decker Sandwich” to 50 percent! So from P395 to P198 only!







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The Stock Market Cafe: Triple the fun and excitement of eating at BGC High Street