The Stock Market cafe at Bonifacio Highstreet presents their Tempting Twosomes Sandwiches

When in Manila, good food can be found around every corner. The metro is sprawling with all sorts of commercial and specialty restaurants that offer unique dining experiences.  There’s something for everyone here, from heartwarming home-cooked meals to exotic cuisine, you’ll never run out of places to eat! A testament to the city’s versatile foodie scene is The Stock Market cafe, nestled alongside a bunch of other commercial establishments at Bonifacio Highstreet.



The Stock Market cafe at Bonifacio Highstreet

The Stock Market cafe has been around since 2008. It is currently managed by Bistro Group of Restaurants and is known for their concept of serving fresh, filling and wholesome food made from especially selected organic ingredients.



The Stock Market cafe and its fresh interiors! 



To complement the healthy concept of the menu, The Stock Market cafe has carried over the fresh idea over to its interiors. I love the clean and crisp vibe throughout the place; high ceilings, the huge windows that let lots of sunlight in, the breezy and refreshing color scheme of green, yellow and white, and the quirky pineapple details found on the flooring and walls. Overall The Stock Market cafe gives off an inviting ambience that sets the mood for fun family lunches and hearty after-work meals.

An assortment of  fresh fruit juices!

The Stock Market cafe presents their Tempting Twosomes

I tagged my friends and my trusty photographer Hannah along to sample the newest selection of The Stock Market cafe, the Tempting Twosomes sandwiches. These are a pair of stuffed and satisfying sandwiches served with a side of The Stock Market Harvest Salad, Tomato and Cheese Supreme soup, or clam chowder. You can take your pick from three sandwich varieties: the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, the Tuna Melt, or the Pan Pastrami.



Clam Chowder and Tomato and Cheese soups


Tuna Melt Sandwich 



The first sandwich we dug into was the Tuna Melt Sandwich. It’s made up of deep fried battered bread stuffed with tuna and cheese, served with curly seasoned fries. I just loved how crunchy the battered bread was, such a quirky take on sandwich buns! The tuna filling was really creamy and packed with tuna slithers you can actually bite into. I thought I tasted a bit of crab meat as well, that was a pleasant surprise!

 Pan Pastrami



Next up was the Pan Pastrami which is made up of fresh pastrami, flavored crispy onion, mesclun salad and spicy mayo dressing on focaccia bread. The crispy onions looked so good! We munched on most of it first before eating up the sandwich. This one was very flavorful and quite spicy with the seasoning of pepper and spicy mayo dressing, but I think it worked well with the mesclun salad cooling it down and the thick focaccia bread balancing out the flavors.

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich



We then tried the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich; two sandwiches on a skewer filled with thinly sliced grilled marinated pork tenderloin, smoked turkey and vegetables. The best part about this sandwich was that the tenderloin was super juicy; it very well complemented the refreshing cucumber, lettuce and tomato in it. Our sandwich had some curly fries stuffed in them too which added a crunchy kick to it!



Seared Salmon 



We were also served Seared Salmon which is fresh Norwegian Salmon served on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables, and caper tomato sauce. I usually steer clear of salmon because I’m not a big fan of its texture and bland flavor, but The Stock Market’s version was very moist and tender, and it didn’t taste pungent at all! The garlic mashed potatoes were a flavorful addition to it as well.



The Stock Market cafe carbonara 



The Stock Market cafe version of the carbonara was a hands-down hit. It was creamy and saucy but not overpoweringly so, and the organic egg yolk mixed with the pasta even boosted creaminess to greater and more indulging heights. I especially loved that there was an abundance of mushrooms!



The Stock Market Harvest Salad



My friends just loved The Stock Market Harvest Salad. The fruity salad dressing added a refreshingly sweet and zesty tang to the crunchy greens, and the caramelized walnuts added some bite to the grapes and bananas added in.



The La Sarbonne crepe 



Finally, dessert! The filling and wholesome trend remains consistent with the dessert options of the Stock Market cafe as fresh fruits and organic ingredients take center stage – none of the fatty and unhealthy stuff! We had the La Sarbonne crepe, which consisted of banana and mango slices with ice cream and Hershey’s chocolate syrup. The mangoes were perfectly ripe and the crepe pastry was soft and delicious, it was easily our favorite part of the dish.



Pistachio Sans Rival Cake



We also had The Stock Market cafe Pistachio Sans Rival Cake. This was my most favorite part of the dessert selection because I love Sans Rival! The wafers were soft and chewy, and the butter filling was rich, sweet and creamy! The pistachio nuts were a nice alternative to the usual peanuts added in Sans Rival, and lent a distinct flavor to the cake.



The Stock Market cafe’s Banana Explosion!



We were in for a surprise when we were served the Banana Explosion! Such a sinfully delectable dish that had so much going on! It had bananas that were deep fried in a coating of batter, served atop a bed of whipped cream with ice cream in the middle and strawberry syrup. This was attacked by everyone within seconds. The deep fried bananas were so original and creative; I am still amazed at how unique this dish is.

My friends and I enjoying our lunchie 🙂

Good times at the Stock Market cafe

Overall our lunch at the Stock Market cafe was such a great experience. There’s nothing like bonding with your friends over satisfying and refreshingly healthy meals! The Stock Market cafe sure offers rustic and flavorful dishes that make for a perfect meal to be shared with friends and family. So when in Manila, be sure to stop by the Stock Market cafe!

 The Stock Market Cafe


Located at the Ground Floor, Bldg. 3, Quadrant 4, Bonifacio Highstreet, Global City Taguig


For reservations and inquiries, you may contact them at: 8562888 local 1898


You can also email them at:




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