The Society of Filipino Authors plans its biggest event for current and aspiring writers and authors of the Philippines


         The Society of Filipino Authors, together with the Leisure and Tourism Management-M.I.C.E. Management class of Miriam College, will have their first conference entitled “Authors and Writers National Conference 2018” with the theme: Building Opportunities and Breakthroughs, on Saturday, November 24, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Innovatrium, Henry Sy Sr. Innovation Center, Miriam College. The said event welcomes all the current professionals and aspiring writers and authors in the Philippines to be a part of the occasion that’s surely one for the books.

The Society of Filipino Authors also known as the Samahan ng Mga Manunulat na Pilipino, Inc., is an organization registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission in 2015. Founded by five accomplished authors who are also professors and practitioners of their craft:  Dr. Norberto A. Orcullo, Jr., Dr. Robert G. Medina, Mr. Roberto Z. Palma, Mr. Bartolome R. Urbano, and Ms. Solita A. Frias. They were then elected as the first set of officers of the organization. The Society of Filipino Authors was formed to serve as a venue for authors/writers to develop the potentials and competencies of members in research and writing in relation to production and/or publication as well as the promotion of books and other kinds of publications in various formats and platforms.  It is a forum and a representative to protect the rights, benefits and privileges of members, hence the conference is launched as a tool to support the organization’s primary purposes.

       Authors and Writers National Conference 2018 will open a greater venue to aspiring authors and writers to meet publishers, as exhibitors and discover possible titles to explore for their writing interests.  Speakers’ insights on legal and technical matters will explore more probabilities to innovative writing styles and breakthroughs. Congresswoman Rosanna Ria V. Vergara, as vice chairperson of Trade and Industry, member for majority on basic education and culture, and women and gender equality will share information on government support for authors and writers. Dr. Roberto Medina ‘s personal challenges, his observations and experiences with various publishers will create awareness among participants on the encounters and occasions along the road from manuscript development, blueprinting, production to distribution and marketing.  Atty. Louie Andrew C. Calvario, representative of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines will share legal aspects of copyright and ownership.  Dr. Rey M. Revuelto will lay down support system form the publications sector. More interestingly,  question and answer form shall be the venue for participants to gain more information towards guiding them on Opportunities and Breakthroughs in authorship and writing titles.

            Tickets to the conference are priced at PHP 1,500 for the regular ticket, a 20% off for Senior Citizens, and Barkada promo for a purchase of  4 paying regular tickets with 1 ticket to be given for free.

Those interested to join may register until November 23, 2018 and are welcome to do so on the day of the conference as well. You may either visit the Authors and Writers National Conference 2018 Facebook page or go to for online registration.

Fill out the necessary details needed in the website and confirm your payment on or before November 24, 2018. Once registered, wait for the confirmation email that will be sent directly to the participant’s email address.

Discover the world of authorship and book-writing in this breakthrough event of The Society of Filipino Authors and allow it to open your eyes about the craft behind every book we read. Get inspired by these amazing speakers as they share their insights on the opportunities and breakthroughs as writers.

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