THE SOCIAL AGENDA: Mobilizing Future Leaders for Sustainable Development

The UST Community Achievers Association proudly presents

UST COMACH National Colloquium 2017

THE SOCIAL AGENDA: Mobilizing Future Leaders for Sustainable Development


Witness the event as it showcases groundbreaking ideas from different respectable keynote speakers around the Philippines and learn from various related activities that will be presented. The Colloquium aims to raise different points addressing the social issues in our homeland. These certain tracks are collectively trying to shape our nation and the world by tapping our own social issues.

The 2017 Social Agenda aims to:

(1) Tackle the different issues of society in the general scale and those specific to the different fields/ tracks;

(2) Present relevant topics and themes that would provide supplementary information regarding the issues concerned;

(3) Create a forum for discussion to come up with possible solutions to address these issues;

(4) Empower the youth to take action and mobilize for sustainable development.

We are inviting you to join and make the difference, challenge yourself to go way beyond what is known now and help our economy rise up from a better state by starting on our own self-readiness.


Visit for more information regarding the colloquium.

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