The Secret to Beyond Beautiful Hair

The Secret to Beyond Beautiful Hair


The Secret to Beyond Beautiful Hair 2

Living in Manila means having to deal with constant exposure to the sun, which may be damaging to hair. But besides the sun, there’s dust, pollution, and even chemicals, which can damage it even further. As a result, dry, frizzy, and hard-to-manage hair is the nightmare of every Filipina.

But a certain breed of woman knows the secret to great hair. Shampoo is not enough. What hair needs is expert care to level up one’s look with the snap of a finger. The secret? You don’t need to go to the salon for expert hair care. You can be beyond beautiful and have smooth, tangle-free, and healthy-gorgeous hair with a simple product specially designed for Filipinas.

Introducing Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner, it combines the number one conditioner and number one treatment in one product!



That’s the secret of Agoo Bengzon, Summit Media’s beauty editor. “I have to say, just by using DTC, I feel like I’ve taken my look to a whole new level. My hair looks soft, smooth, and easy to manage, regardless of cut and style.”

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner comes in four variants, depending on your needs: Standout Straight, Hair Fall Defense, Damage Control and Dry Rescue. Now, every Filipina can go Beyond Beautiful, whatever their hair type.

Living in Manila doesn’t have to be difficult, if you have the right armor. For your hair, you no longer need to worry about the sun, dust, pollution, and chemicals. With Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner, there’s one less thing to worry about as you level up and chase your dreams.

The Secret to Beyond Beautiful Hair

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