The Search for the Toughest Pinoy Might be a Pinay this Year!

Words by: Aera Delos Santos
Photos by: John Paulo Obia

KIX is in the search for the Toughest Pinoy as they bring back “R U Tough Enough?” with this year’s “Man versus Woman” edition!

R U Tough Enough started in Malaysia and was brought to the Philippines in 2015. This is an event where 10 fit and mentally tough competitors engage in a series of physically demanding and emotionally enduring challenges to claim the title of being the Toughest Pinoy. And now they’re bringing it back again for the third time with a new theme: “Man versus Woman”


KIX Brings Back R U Tough Enough? with “Man versus Woman” Edition

“Toughness at its peak”. This is one of the descriptions of R U Tough Enough. But how do we really define toughness? Men and women have different definitions of toughness. While some men believe in physical strength to represent toughness, others believe that a woman’s emotional endurance is what being tough is all about.

How do you define Tough? Is it being strong? Resilient? Being physically and mentally enduring? Turns out, all of these traits are required for one to truly be tough. R U Tough Enough is a perfect platform for everyday heroes regardless of background, age, and gender that live and breathe for action—to showcase their hard earned skills. And with this we ask….

Are men going to prove to be the tougher gender? Or will women finally break the stereotype?



We interviewed this year’s ambassadors, actress-turned-fitness-trainer Aubrey Miles as the first female ambassador representing #TeamAubrey, and National rugby player and body builder Arnold Aninion to represent #TeamArnold, and here’s what they have to say!

Aubrey: I’m very excited to be chosen as the first female ambassador for R U Tough Enough? Filipinos are tough, especially women, they never give up even when hit by all kinds of life adversities. So I encourage my fellow Pinays out there to join R U Tough Enough? Let’s show them how tough women can really be.

Arnold: Being tough is a balance of being physically and mentally strong. Much like the Pinoy spirit. Pinoys are so resilient that we get up every time life brings us down. I challenge everyone to test your limits and join R U Tough Enough?


How do you define toughness?

Arnold: There are many levels of toughness, but it’s all about breaking barriers and pushing through. It’s a challenge of channeling your physical strength and matching it with your mental endurance and basically putting those two together is pure toughness.

How do you handle the gender stereotypes given by society? 

Aubrey: Usually people say “Ah you’re a mother now you have to stay at home na”. But you know what, I gave birth. I gave birth and it was incredibly painful. And I believe that if I can survive that pain, I can survive any workout pain. That really pushed me. I believe that these stereotypes will only be broken by putting it into action and not just saying it.


But how about their cheat days?

When athletically inclined, you’re supposed to follow a certain routine of strict diets and exercise reps. Do you ever have cheat days?  

Aubrey: The thing is, if you choose to have a Cheat Day for perhaps every weekend, and there are 365 days in a year, then that’s just like wasting 3 and a half months out of a year of workouts. I wouldn’t necessarily call it cheat meals but rather Happy Food. You can have your happy meals but you have to pace yourself. The key is smart eating; eat a lot and work out more.

Arnold: I’ve been asked that too a while back.”Do you have cheat days?” Well do you have cheat muscles? For all those who want to enjoy life with a cup of rice or J.Co donuts (Fun fact: They’re Arnold’s fave!!) It’s actually okay, but you really need to have activity. You can have all the cheat meals you want as long as you burn them.



So, are you #TeamAubrey or #TeamArnold?

R U Tough Enough? Is open to all Philippine residents aged 18 and above. To enter the contest, participants must apply online via

KIX Asia
Twitter: @KIXAsia
Instagram: @KIXAsia


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