The Search for The Next Odd Creature of O/C Records Begins on April 30

Despite the limited opportunities for creative expression imposed by the pandemic, O/C Records has been on a roll recently from its releases, starting the year with Callalily’s “Ilaw,” Glaiza de Castro’s Bank Holiday” to Eugene Layug’s Landiin Nyo Na Ako” and Adie’s top trending track Paraluman,” alongside a plethora of other singles within the first quarter alone, to its offering of unique, online experiences like the recently hybrid live concert “Odd Creatures – Our Cue,” which went in-depth about the personal and creative lives of the featured O/C artists.

The Next Odd Creature Ep 1 oc records

Now, after an entire year of preparation and selection of countless submissions from aspiring musicians, O/C Records is now set to begin The Next Odd Creature, the search for the next musician that will join its eclectic roster of creative artists and will be awarded a recording and management contract with the record label.

It will be a ten-part series that will premiere on April 30 on the official Facebook pages of O/C Records and Kean Cipriano along with the official YouTube channel of O/C Records. Hosted by Chynna Ortaleza – Cipriano and the judges of this reality search are composed of talented singer-songwriters signed under O/C Records that had their own fair share of experience with the nuances of making music.

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Are you hoping to become part of their record label and show off your talents to the world? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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