Two New Schools Joined the UAAP and Filled the Court With Magic

The magical heroes and villains of Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil took over the country’s premiere collegiate basketball league to usher in the film’s launch last week.

Photo from Netflix

The teams from the School for Good and School for Evil made their debut on the court through a mesmerizing acrobatic basketball show. The show’s characters – fairies, princes, a cyclops, and heroines Agatha and Sophie – captivated the audience with various flips and jump shots. A magical sight was better seen than described.

Photo from Netflix

Alongside this, a flying Stymph was seen soaring outside the MOA Arena. Stymphs are bird-like creatures from the film that shuttle students to either the majestic School for Good or the mysterious School for Evil.

Watch the film’s trailer here:

In the film, the School For Good and Evil headmistresses unlocked students’ magic through their Finger Glows. Similarly, the headmistresses were also present at the entrance of the MOA Arena to give out finger glows representing UAAP school colors, making the games even more magical.

Photo from Netflix

The headmistresses then continued to cast their spells on the court and helped players with their jaw-dropping shots through the Magical Move of the Game.

Photo from Netflix

They then joined the courtside correspondents in their reports. The characters gave unusual yet enchanting takes on basketball as we know it.

See more of this magical story unfold. Catch The School for Good and Evil – now streaming only on Netflix.

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