The Renewable Energy Revolution


The Renewable Energy Revolution

By Frances Abegail Quezon

With great power comes great electricity bills.

Perhaps one of the most common woes of the typical Filipino is electricity. And why wouldn’t it be? We have come to a point in our lives where we can no longer live without our gadgets and other devices. Electricity is just one form of energy, but it is the most glaring manifestation of our dependence on energy as a commodity.

Currently, energy is mainly sourced from non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels. As our skies filled up with the pollution that went hand-in-hand with burning fossil fuels, the interest in renewable energy also increased. Lately, quite a few talks and workshops related to renewable energy have been emerging. One of these is Cocoon.

Cocoon, as stated from their publicity materials, is a program designed for students interested in renewable energy and sustainability. What is good about this workshop is that it not only focused on renewable energy, it also recognized the other factors that will make renewable and sustainable designs possible. Aside from the experts on the renewable energy and sustainability sector, the event organizers also invited speakers to talk about innovation, start-ups, and business. Personally, I believe that this makes the workshop better-rounded since as, hopefully, future innovators, we need to know these information to build better ideas and to bring them to life.


The community was also very welcoming. Everything was kept casual so everyone was at ease in asking questions and giving out their thoughts. This atmosphere was conducive in the exchange of ideas, and this allowed us, as participants with diverse backgrounds, to learn so much from each other. Being introduced to the same problem by a person from a different field of study was a very enlightening experience.


There is still a lot more to learn and experience during the ten-month Cocoon program. This only marks the beginning of our grand journey together toward a brighter and more sustainable Philippines.