The Philippines Is In the Top 20 Most Populated Countries

The United Nations established July 11 as the “World Population Day” to focus on the urgency and importance of global population issues. This includes their relations to the environment and development. In observance of the annual event, we researched the current world population. We found out that it is now at 7.8 billion and counting based on Worldometer, a website that provides real-time statistics.
Screen Shot 2021 07 11 at 2.33.01 PM

Stock photo of Manila, Philippines from Pexels uploaded by Nice Guys

According to their Top 20 Largest Countries by Population, the Philippines is in the 13th spot with over 111 million people, which is equivalent to 1.41% of the total world population. The population density in the Philippines is 952 people per mi2, while its total land area is 115,124 mi2.
Meanwhile, China tops the list with more than 1.4 billion people. See the top 20 most populated countries below:
Screen Shot 2021 07 11 at 2.24.53 PM

Screenshot from Worldometer on July 11, 2021, at 2:24 PM

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