The Philippine’s First Online Shopping Mall: Why You Should Shop at Adobomall


Last October 20, 2016, WhenInManila.com was given the opportunity to get a sneak peek of Adobomall, the Philippines’ first online shopping mall in Warehouse Eight.

The crowd was a little unsettled as we waited for the program to start — musings to what and how Adobomall is different can be heard being discussed by the organizers with the invitees prior to the start of the event.

As you enter, you’ll quickly notice several brands set up showcasing their products.It was later on revealed that these showcases are by one of the many merchants partnered with Adobomall.


Minutes later, the program started with an illustration of the digital landscape in the Philippines. Filipinos’ active and growing involvement online were pointed out, and presented an area of opportunity to connect in a wider scale. It is common to see platforms capitalizing this potential, particularly in the field of e-commerce. Yet, it was revealed that purchasing online presented apprehensions to Filipinos – an objective Adobomall aims to resolve.

Being the balance of a brand and customer centric platform, Adobomall assures product authenticity by working directly with brands, and convenience through a flexible payment systems, and reliable courier partners. In addition, Adobomall itself is a community, where users can share and review the items their purchased in their social media accounts.


Walt Young, the Founder and CEO of Innerworks, the tech company behind Adobomall, guided with the interface of the site.

As soon as we logged in, the display looked different compared to other e-commerce sites. The interface is categorized by brands making browsing unique. When clicking the brands, we noticed how each had its own unique look and personalized virtual storefronts. (Which according to Walt is fully customizable so companies can fully bring their brand experience online.)

Designed as a virtual shopping mall, its brands are not limited only to fashion and apparel, but extends to active lifestyle, beauty products, toys and novelties, home and living , books and more!

“We’re proud to start this first in the Philippines, but we aim to going global,” Walt said.

To know more updates about Adobomall and the premium brands they’re partnering with, follow them on:

Facebook at www.facebook.com/adobomall

Instagram at @adobomall.

Website: https://www.adobomall.com

Happy shopping!