The Philippine School of Interior Design Exhibit Calls for Alternative Designs for Alternative Housing

A celebration of 52 years of excellent interior design education, the Advanced Class of 2019 presents HUGIS ATBP.  The exhibit coincides with the 40th year the Philippine School of Interior Design has been mounting graduation exhibits that showcase the mettle of its graduates, the first of which was in 1979 with only 9 graduates.

This year, the young visionary students are building homes using geometrically inspired spaces for alternative types of built places spanning the 5th floor of Greenfield Tower in Mandaluyong City on October 1 until the 31st.

Philippine School of Interior Design Exhibit

“In this day and age of evolving residential needs, it is important that we push our visionary students to keep thinking outside the norms of design and keep exploring beyond the limits of traditional spaces,” shares IDr. Victor Ruel Pambid, PSID Vice President for Academic Affairs.  “In congested cities, we prove that more than the size of the space, practical and inspired designs prevail to be of utmost importance in giving Filipinos the quality of life we all deserve.”

HUGIS, ATBP. features 12 different design spaces under 30-sqm, in 3 habitat styles, which are  innovative, ingenious, inspired and globally-adaptive. The exhibit showcases the concept of how design and functionality can co-exist in alternative spaces of varying shapes, such as round, rectangular and triangular. These spaces aim to inspire and spark conversations on how design impacts the future of urban, suburban, and resort living.

“We don’t usually see homes that are circular or triangular, but this year, we would like to present to you that these are not only possible, but beautiful and functional,” explains Mr. Pambid. “This exhibit aims to inspire people to utilize the spaces they have, no matter in what shape or size. In this time of rapidly increasing property values, design and practicality make a huge difference.”

From square to round to triangular architecture, local to sustainable materials, luxury to economy, the interior design students explore stylish solutions for compact yet comfortable living.

Parisukat at Parihaba Gallery 

Pushing the limits of what can be done to an urban space under 30 sqm, this gallery features four modern and sophisticated designs. These spaces become rendezvous points where design meets function for the always on the go city dwellers.

Bilog Gallery

Curves and all, this gallery features four spaces, each under 25 sqm, which explore the free-flowing lifestyle of the suburbans. These spaces feature a contoured and cohesive approach to design that is fitting for quiet living, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tatsulok Gallery

Three-point spaces exude exoticism fit for a restful retreat. Often woven within natural landscapes, the 4 triangular spaces feature resort-style design wrapped in refreshing and rejuvenating textures.

Proudly supporting the vision of the graduating students is Greenfield Development Corporation. “With our mission of building future ready, world-class, sustainable spaces, we are glad to provide these students the avenue to showcase their works, and together, shape the spaces of tomorrow.” shares Atty. Duane A.X. Santos, General Manager and Executive Vice President for Greenfield Development Corporation.

“HUGIS ATBP” or “Homes Using Geometrically Inspired Spaces for Alternative Types of Built Places,” opens on October 1 and will run until the 31st, from 8AM – 10PM daily at the Greenfield Tower, Greenfield City in Mandaluyong.

For more information, visit, visit PSID on, and follow on Instagram @philschoolofinteriordesign

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