The Perfect Home Brew: These Malongo Brew Kits are Great Gifts for Cafephiles

Do you love the coffee from your favorite cafe and want to recreate it at home? Many newbie cafephiles find this intimidating but home-brewing is actually doable with the right set of tools. Although getting a device that makes specialty-based espresso drinks can be expensive, manual brewing is a lot more affordable.

So, to start off your home brewing bar, you can get these Malongo Brew Kits for yourself or as a gift for your cafephile family and friends. We tested out two brew kits and here are our thoughts.

Malongo Aeropress Brew Kit

Popular with cafephiles, the AeroPress is a kind of coffee press that uses a rapid, total immersion brewing process to make a smooth and full-bodied beverage with minimal bitterness and that has low acidity. The rapid process removes the long steep time required by a French press, making the finished product less acidic than usual. The kit’s microfilter ensures that no debris or grit passes through for a clean cup of joe.

malongo aeropress 1

The lightweight Aeropress is compact and portable that it can be used almost anywhere. When the world reopens, it can be used when traveling, backpacking, and more. The brewing device feels durable that it can last for many, many uses.

The brew kit contains an Aeropress press, 350 filter, tote bag, and free 250g Malongo Coffee.

malongo aeropress 2

Watch the video below to learn how to use an Aeropress:

Malongo French Press Brew Kit

One of the simplest ways to brew your own blend at home is with the use of a French press. Akin to a graduated cylinder that we often see in the chemistry lab, the French press simply comes with a plunger and filter screen where hot water can be pressed through ground coffee. In a way, brewing your coffee feels like a chem lab experiment. The end product has a strong taste that is perfect especially for those who want to drink their coffee black.

To maximize the use of a French press, the secret is in the grind. It is recommended to use the medium grind as this ensures consistency. If the grind is too large, it can clog the filter. If too small, you can end up with a muddy cup of coffee.

malongo french press brew kit 2 malongo french press brew kit 1

The simple beauty of the French press is a tried and tested way to make amazing coffee at home

Using the French press is easy. Here’s how:

  • Make sure the pot is placed on a flat surface to make sure that it is stable. Hold the handle while pulling out the plunger.
  • Put ground beans into the pot and add hot (not boiling) water.
  • Gently stir.
  • Put the plunger in and leave it at the top. Don’t plunge in just yet. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Press the plunger.
  • Now, you have a nice serving of hot coffee.

Malongo’s French press brew kit comes with a Bodum French Press, Bodum Double Wall Glass 8cl, and a free 250g Malongo Burundi Coffee.

malongo french press brew kit 3

Other Malongo Brew Kits:

Malongo offers three other brew kits and these are:

A Quick Look at Malongo

Malongo is a French Living Heritage that has been around since 1934. It is a global leader in fair trade coffees and bio-coffees. In 2018, the two Malongo Atelier cafés (which opened a couple of days apart) in BHS and West Campus Mckinley West were the very first of their kind in Asia.

While Malongo’s theme is “Coffee Around the World,” it would like to provide a way to brew at home with its Brew Kits. Essentially, while its coffee from around the world is amazing coffee, these are effortlessly brought into your homes through our various brew kits–and each of the brew kits meets individual coffee palates and preferences.

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