The Perfect Business Trip in Manila with Max Pavilion Serviced Boutiques

Ever since I moved out of Manila a few years back, business meetings have been a big hassle for me. It’s inevitable to attend a meeting in the busiest business districts of Manila when you’re trying to run and grow a business. My number one difficulty is a place to stay where I can relax and stay focused on my business trip.

Recently, I had to attend a business event in McKinley Hill in Taguig and it was dated right after another event I was having in Baguio City. So I had to choose the perfect place to stay; a place where I can relax and hustle at the same time. As I scoured the mighty powers of Google, I found a phonograph-themed boutique hotel called Max Pavilion Serviced Boutiques at The Venice Residences.


Once I arrived from my seven-hour trip from Baguio, the relaxing ambiance welcomed me in the room. It has that Italian atmosphere which gives a recharging feel.



The room has a 4K Smart TV and a super fast internet connection, for entertainment and business purposes.


It’s also equipped with a washing machine, microwave, and utensils so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time outsourcing these things. They also serve some tasty international breakfast meals: from Chinese, English, Indian, to Filipino breakfast favorites.


Tinapa, Daing na Bangus (dried milkfish), and Tapa (cured beef) served with garlic rice, eggs, yogurt, and fresh mango juice.

Max-Pavilion-10Crosaint with bacon and eggs, chicken biryani, rice porridge, served with fresh fruits and yogurt for our second day.

Bringing a car is not something to worry about in Max Pavilion. They provide shuttle service for their guests within BGC from 8AM till 6PM.

After my business meetings, I still had spare time to relax and unwind from my busy weekend. Since Max Pavilion is located at The Venice Residences, I went to the Venice Piazza and Canal Mall right beside it and checked out what the social media buzz is all about regarding this place.

Max-Pavilion-3Amazing view from the second floor of the canal.

Max-Pavilion-4A relaxing experience feeding the pigeons on the other side of the mall.

Max-Pavilion-1You can also ride a boat to take a trip around the canal.


It was a weekend well spent and successfully executed at Max Pavilion, be sure to check them out on your next business endeavors in the Metro.

Max Pavillion @ The Venice Residences

12G Alessandro Tower, The Venice Residences Venezia Drive, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City
+63 02 8335537 / +63 0917 675 1127


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