The ONLY Six 6 Star Hotel in the Philippines: Maxims Hotel at Resorts World Manila


When In Manila, experience pure VIP luxury by checking in to the ONLY Six 6 Star Hotel in the Philippines: The Maxims Hotel at Resorts World Manila.

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What exactly is a 6 Six Star Hotel? Well it’s a hotel will all the amenities and features of a five star hotel, but with one difference, it’s not open to the public. It’s a private resort only available for big rollers and big spenders at casinos and other special establishments.

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Pretty much, you need to be a V.V.V.I.P. or someone really really important or really really rich to get into these 6 Six Star Hotels like that of Maxims Hotel at Resorts World Manila.


Or, you could also just read cool blogs like that can get you special access to places like this! =)

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6-six-star-hotel-philippines-maxims-hotels-resorts-world-manila-rw-wheninmanila (10) and Maxims 6 Star Hotels have partnered up!


Maxims Tower is Manila’s first and only 6-star luxury hotel. Make It Maxims This April, and you can experience 6-star VIP treatment, and enjoy our special rates for the summer: Rate starts at PhP 17,148.00 net, per room, per night (extra person is charged PhP 5,508 net). Valid until April 30, 2011.

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BUT…. thanks to, you can get a room there for this ULTRA special discounted price!


Just because YOU are special friends of, we extend our Corporate Rates to you (yes, even your family and your friends!) Special room rate at USD 180++ or PhP 8,280++ per room, per night for a Maxims Tower De Luxe suite!


Yes, we’re pimps like that!

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So When In Manila, live it up V.V.V.I.P. style by checking into the ONLY 6 Six Star Hotel in the Country! The Maxims Hotel at Resorts World Manila Philippines.


For Business, Group and Travel Agency Rates, please contact:
Christine Urbanozo-Ibarreta
Assistant Vice-President, Hotel Sales & Marketing
10th Floor, NECC Building, Resorts World Manila
Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines 1309
Land line:+632 908 8000 ext. 8220; Mobile : +63 917 872 8220

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6-six-star-hotel-philippines-maxims-hotels-resorts-world-manila-rw-wheninmanila (8)

6-six-star-hotel-philippines-maxims-hotels-resorts-world-manila-rw-wheninmanila (2)

The ONLY Six 6 Star Hotel in the Philippines: Maxims Hotel at Resorts World Manila

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