The Official Trailer of “American Horror Story: Cult” is Here and We’re Excited!

One of the most awaited shows on TV is the upcoming season of American Horror Story, which will deal with a cult right after the 2016 US elections. The seventh season will be screened in less than a month and the first official trailer is here!

Watch the trailer below:

The trailer is set right after Donald Trump is announced as the new president. Sarah Paulson doesn’t take it well and her hallucinations start to worsen, telling her wife Alison Pill that she keeps seeing clowns. Meanwhile, Billie Lourd, whose boyfriend Evan Peters is a strong Trump supporter, becomes Paulson and Pill’s child’s nanny, where she seems to have a hand in Paulson’s clown phobia.

American Horror Story is an anthology, which means a new season sees the same cast in new roles. Season 1 was about a haunted house, followed by a mental hospital, a witches’ coven, a freakshow, then a haunted hotel.

AHS: Cult will be released on September 5.

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