The Nickelodeon Water Park In Coron Is Called OFF

If you recall, there has been much talk about plans to open a Nickelodeon-themed “undersea attraction and resort” in Coron, Palawan since January, which would allow guests to interact with beloved iconic characters in the water park.

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The news received backlash from environmentalists and worried netizens as it would disturb the ecological balance in Coron and potentially harm its corals. Palawan is also considered to be the Philippines’ “last frontier”, because of its pristine coastlines and biodiversity.

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Now, Viacom International Media Networks, which owns the popular children’s network Nickelodeon, says that these plans have been abandoned!

According to reports, Viacom and its Philippine partner, Coral World Park, “mutually agreed” on this decision, although the reason for pulling out was not elaborated on.

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