The New Normal in Working: 5 Reasons You Should Join a Coworking Space

There’s a new phenomenon taking Manila by storm. Coworking has been around since 1999 with its origins in the United States. Over the past decade and a half, there has been a monumental rise in the number of Coworking sites worldwide. A new Coworking establishment is on the rise in Salcedo Village and will be open to the public this coming September. Acceler8 is looking to tread new waters in the world of Coworking by providing complimentary workshops/training seminars for its members.

5 Reasons You Should Join a Coworking Space Acceler8

Skeptics have labeled Coworking as a mere trend, but Acceler8 is here to put any doubts to rest. We’ve listed the top 5 reasons why Coworking is the way to go:

5. The rise of freelance

Metro Manila has seen a steady increase in the number of people who have evolved from corporate business life to pursuing their respective interests and hobbies via freelancing. Many of these people face the same question on a daily basis: “Where am I going to work today?” Coworking space addresses the need for a facility where freelancers can maximize productivity and entrepreneurs can build on the foundation of their business ventures.

4. Affordable and flexible solutions

Coworking space provides an affordable and flexible solution to overpriced rent. Acceler8 offers various packages depending on the need of its clients.

5 Reasons You Should Join a Coworking Space Acceler8

3. Interaction and collaboration

Interaction and collaboration among members is highly encouraged. These relationships pave the way for tie-up partnerships and others ways of developing innovative business ventures.

2. Good working environment

Working in isolation can be taxing, both mentally and physically. Coworking space provides an ambiance that rejuvenates motivation, inspires creativity, and promotes positivity.

1. Meeting like-minded people

Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are determined to succeed can help maximize people’s potential. Like the old saying goes, “iron sharpens iron.”

 5 Reasons You Should Join a Coworking Space Acceler8

Experience all of these and much more in Acceler8. Visit their website today to learn more about Acceler8’s services and promos. Better yet, click on the link below to book your free pass and experience it yourself.

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