The Neptune Dinner: More Executive Dinner Debates to be Held in Makati


This year, chief executives of all industries will be invited to join their peers around the tables of 5 stars restaurants to discuss key topics in their sectors.

Originated in London, the Ortus Club hosts exclusive dinner discussions for senior executives who are welcomed to come together for one night to share their views and experiences and perhaps to collaborate towards more productive operations.

Last November, The Neptune Club, targeted specifically to leaders of BPO firms, met up in Manila, Cebu and Clark for a series of events across the country. The agenda? Guests were welcomed by drinks, introductions, some more drinks, a good old debate and a three (or five) course meal.

Last year, dinner in Manila was held at the Black Bird restaurant at the top of the Nielson Tower, the dinner in Cebu was held at the Italian Antani Restaurant while the Cebu event was hosted at the enclosed Yats Restaurant.

The nights gave executives a chance to relax, meet peers and share opinions. All of this is of course possible thanks to a sponsor who helps structure the topics and is ensured a handshake with all the attendees.

The first invitations of 2016 in the Philippines are being sent out right now, with the first BPO dinner occuring in March. Other locartions include Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong where peers from more industries will be coming together. Draft topics to be touched upon include the dangers faced by the BPO sector, methods of prevention, external influencers, the effects of ASEAN integration on the industry as well as growth forecasts and the importance of talent towards this ever-demanding and evolving business landscape.

Looking forward to covering some of the nights!

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