The National Orchid Garden at Singapore’s Timeless Tropical Eden

I was already overwhelmed by everything I had seen so far, but something caught my eye from a distance—shades of green with a lot of shimmers. In my mind, they resembled beautiful pearls. When I got closer though, I realized it was just a normal flower well defined by different shades to capture that sparkling attention. It was definitely stunning. I called my sister and she had the same thoughts as me. It was just a simple plant but, somehow, if you’re imaginative enough, it became grand.

The National Orchid Garden SG (11)

When I was kid, my grandmother loved gardening and going to different kinds of gardens. I was always annoyed at the fact that she always brought me and my sisters to these places to just look at plants. At the time, I preferred to watch TV and didn’t want to waste my time looking at leaves and flowers for hours.

As I grew up, I started to become more appreciative of everything around me and this included the wonder of nature. I started to marvel at its simple beauty through traveling, simple outings, and other endeavors.

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When my family went to Singapore for a vacation, I saw that a few top tourist attractions involved gardens. I realized that my grandmother, having died a year before (which I was really still sad about), would have loved to go with us to these gardens, and so that is where we went.

So far ,in my life, the best garden that I have been to was the National Orchid Garden at Singapore’s Botanical Gardens. It has over three hectares of 1000 species and 2000 hybrids (600 of which are displayed).

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There is an entrance of P240+ for adults and P47+ for students, kids, and senior citizens. The garden is open from 8:30am to 7:00pm daily.

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The garden is definitely a haven for photographers as there are so many picturesque spots everywhere.

The National Orchid Garden SG (2)

When you walk around, you’ll see so many gorgeous colors that you will be so overwhelmed where and what kind of photos you’ll capture.

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You’ll also get to experience a Cool House. It imitates a tropical highland forest where you can find different cool growing plants. It felt like a closed garden that was air-conditioned. The experience was really great.

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The National Orchid Garden SG (5)

As we were about to end our tour of the garden, we went back to one of our favorite points, the ‘spiral arc’ pathway. It was just one of those spots that can really capture beautiful photos whether for a wedding or magazine shoot.

The National Orchid Garden SG (7)

The National Orchid Garden SG (3)

But what really struck me positively was, when I was captured this photo, a few elderly walked by, genuinely at awe with everything around them. It reminded me again of my grandmother and how even the simplest of things can make you feel the grandest in moments.

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Singapore Botanical Gardens

1 Cluny Road Singapore 259569


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