The Morning Club: Win The Morning, Win The Day

Along with the inability for people to physically come together, there was a lot of negativity that was going around especially in the news and on social media. The Morning Club was initiated by a group of transformation coaches as a healthy response to our situation today. They wanted to provide a free online support group for people to learn more about fitness & nutrition while deriving motivation and learnings from one another. It is open to anyone who is looking to start their mornings on a positive note. This community has been growing ever since the start of quarantine and has been helping people kickstart their fitness journeys.  

These morning sessions happen every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 7:30am to 8:30am via Zoom Cloud Meetings. Each session is certainly fun-filled – with interactive games, learnings on fitness & nutrition, sharing of success stories and many more. 

Many of the attendees have shared that ever since they started attending The Morning Club, they have been more organised and productive. Many also have learned a handful of new things that they were able to apply in their own fitness journeys. To top these off, many have shared that The Morning Club has given them something to look forward to in the mornings while helping them improve their sleeping habits along the way.

The Morning Club believes that if we win the morning, we win the day. You may follow them on FB: @winthedayTMC & IG: @the.morningclub to stay updated on their next morning Zoom sessions.

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