The MMDA Will Be Putting Up Jeepney Stops Along Commonwealth-España

Took them long enough, to be honest!

Jeepney Travel Philippines

The MMDA, along with other transport leaders, have agreed to put up jeepney stops from Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, to España in Manila to ease traffic in the area.

As jeepney drivers tend to pick up and drop off their passengers anywhere along the road, this results to a traffic jam especially along Commonwealth-España which has one of the most number of jeepneys on the road, according to MMDA general manager Tim Orbos.

As to where the jeepney stops will be placed a technical working group that will be formed in coordination with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to study passenger and traffic flow.

If the local agencies could actually implement the system well and instill discipline in drivers, then Metro Manila traffic may just have a chance after all!

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