The Mind Museum : “15 Reasons why SCIENCE Comes Alive in THE MIND MUSEUM at Taguig!”

When In Manila are you planning to explore Science at The Mind Museum?! Next month? Next year? Hmm.. Lend me just 10 minutes of your precious time now, please? 🙂

Because today, I want to share fun facts about The Mind Museum and why you must visit the awesome “scientified” place as soon as possible! And yes, you gotta discover things yourself when you get there!

So for now, let me and “Aedi” the robot give you:


15 Reasons why SCIENCE Comes Alive in THE MIND MUSEUM at Taguig!


1. The Mind Museum aims to inspire everyone to appreciate nature and support the sciences no matter who you are, or what you do!

2. The Mind Museum sits on a great 12,500 sqm crescent-shaped prime lot, with a building floor area of 8,000sqM and exhibit area of 5,000sqM!

Did You Know?


A team of architects from Philippines’ Lor Calma & Partners (LC&P) found inspiration behind the building’s futuristic, yet organic look on cellular growth and structures which features a passive design for sustainability!

3. The Mind Museum houses over 250 interactive exhibits plus an outdoor Science-in-the-Park which is divided into Music, Math, Living and Water themed sections!

4. The Mind Museum is divided into FIVE Main Galleries:



Atom Gallery expresses the world of the “very small” in terms of forces and particles!



Earth Gallery shares the history of our planet and archipelago!





Life Gallery tells us how life surrounds and inhabits us.



Universe Gallery features the elements of the enormous universe we live in!




Technology Gallery shows how humanity progresses, with all the tools we invent and innovate.

5. In The Mind Museum, educational facilities are also for rent such as an Auditorium (198 seats with provision for 2 wheelchairs), 2 Mind Pods (classrooms; 40 seating capacity each) and a Laboratory (35 seating capacity)!

6. The Mind Museum has a Botanical Garden which identifies scientific and common names of featured plants!

Did You Know?

Having plants improves water quality and the absorption of water onto the ground which helps prevent flooding!


7.The Mind Museum recycles water!

Did You Know?

The Mind Museum’s facility is designed to collect rainwater as well as to condensate from their cooling systems!


Recycled water is used for flushing and other housekeeping tasks, plus using rainwater also helps reduce flooding!

8. The Mind Museum’s facility uses low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and adhesives!

It does not release significant pollutants to the environment and improves their indoor air quality. Cool!

9. The Mind Museum is a learning place for ages 6 to 96! The whole family has to go! So tell your grandparents to join you on your tour!

10. The Mind Museum is energy-efficient!

Did You Know?

Their ventilation system is connected to a Dedicated Outdoor System (DOAS) which supplies fresh air to the circulating air within the facility!


11. The Mind Museum has a “green” roof!

Did You Know?

Their facility is partly covered by vegetation which helps insulate the building from outdoor heat!

12. The Mind Museum uses solar panels, too!

Solar panels supply part of the total energy consumption of The Mind Museum’s facility!

13. TheMind Museum is Ozone-friendly!

Their heating, air conditioning, ventilation, cooling systems do not use chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) based refrigerants! CFCs are among the highest ozone-depleting substances.

14. The Mind Museum used recycled construction materials!

Elements that have high recycled content such as steel and aluminium were primarily used in its construction.

15. The Mind Museum has a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)!

Materials Recovery Facility is a special storage area with bins that segregate wastes into biodegradable and non-biodegradable for proper disposal!



Those are facts about The Mind Museum, but go on and find out a lot more when you visit the place! It is an exciting avenue to re-discover Science again! Thank you so much Ms. Trixie Mary Tacardon for granting me a “Scientified” Mind experience and for the cool info about The Mind Museum!

When In Manila are you planning to experience Science at The Mind Museum? I bet you and your kids will fall in love with Science all over again! 🙂






The Mind Museum

Tel: 909-MIND(6463)


Address: JY Campos Park on 3rd Ave. in Bonifacio Global City

For more information, visit

MIND MUSEUM: “15 Reasons why SCIENCE Comes Alive in THE MIND MUSEUM at Taguig!”

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