The Milk Habit: The dessert brand putting its own spin on classic Filipino flavors

Words by Misha Fabian
Photos by Joshua Go

As a child, one of the most refreshing treats for me was to drink a cold glass of milk after a whole day of playing outdoors. The milk would be sitting there waiting for me on the kitchen counter and I would gulp it down in one go right when I got inside the house. This was routine for me and I carried this habit well into my adult years.

When The Milk Habit sent over bottles of their flavored milk drinks, it immediately took me back to the days when I would run around the streets of my neighborhood playing tag with my playmates. The milk is packaged in glass bottles (reminiscent of the kind that is left behind by milkmen) and is delivered cold. After a few sips from the bottle, I was hooked.

The Milk Habit’s five flavors (L-R): Pandan Jelly, Strawberry Jelly, Mango Jelly, Chocolate Jelly, and Coffee Jelly

The Milk Habit entered the commercial scene just last March 29, 2019 and it prides itself with making its products fresh daily. The milk drinks are also made using fresh, full-cream milk and are flavored with real fruit, which are bought from the market almost every day to ensure freshness. Flavored jelly pieces are also added into the mix, making for a more full-bodied tasting experience. 

My personal favorites are the pandan jelly and mango jelly flavored milk drinks but the milk drink also comes in strawberry jelly, chocolate jelly, and coffee jelly flavors. When asked about why these were the first flavors to hit the market, The Milk Habit team answered that these flavors are reminiscent of the flavors usually used for Filipino panghimagas, or desserts. They wanted to make drinking milk more appealing so they thought that what better way to do that than to turn the milk into a dessert. The brand is currently in the process of developing new flavors in order to have more variety and reach a wider range of customers.

WIMterns Cole and Frances enjoying The Milk Habit’s Strawberry Jelly and Coffee Jelly milk drinks

When asked about what The Milk Habit is about, its owners responded that they would like to promote the habit of drinking milk daily–as was done by many of us while we were growing up. I can honestly say that after tasting the different flavors, I was reminded of what it was like to be a young child again- running and playing under the sun the whole day and looking forward to drinking a glass of cold milk on the kitchen counter after.

The Milk Habit makes fresh batches of their product daily at #61 Tindalo St., Project 3, Barangay Duyan-Duyan, Quezon City. Orders are available for either pick-up or delivery.

The Milk Habit

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